About Us

About us!

Nomad Walking Tours is a Limited Liability Company founded in 2016, by Esai Martinez, an avid traveler and adventure seeker.

Nomad Walking Tours was inspired by Esai’s adventures traveling through Europe, where the concept of the free walking tour originated. His goal is to bring this concept to the fabulous city of Las Vegas, NV, creating an affordable and entertaining tour in a city known for excess. With Esai’s previous experience as a concierge in Las Vegas, and his love for the city he grew up in, he’s put together a fun, informative, and family friendly tour of the world famous Las Vegas Strip.

While other tours and attractions in Las Vegas will cost you $35 and up, plus a tip, Nomad Walking Tours offers a great low to no cost option that everyone can enjoy. Please keep in mind that we are not paid by the city to provide our free walking tours so any tips and donations made to your tour guides allow us to continue providing this awesome tour options to future visitors. We believe tips should be earned for providing a quality tour, this ensures that our tour guides will always do their best to wow you. We hope that everyone who joins us for a tour will learn something new and leave with a smile and fun memories of their time in Las Vegas.