Frequently Asked Questions

The following are answers to some of the common questions you may have about our tours and the company.
If you have a question about something not listed below please feel free to contact us.

How can the tours be free?

– Our freelance tour guides work on a tip only basis. They are not paid by Nomad Walking Tours LLC nor the city for providing their tours. Any tips and donations that guest provide are what the tour guide takes home for offering the tour. This ensures a quality tour every time.

How much should I tip?

– Tips should be based on what you feel the tour was worth. Our suggested amount is between $15-$20 per person, but you can tip more or less depending on your personal budget.

Do large groups need reservations?

– If you have 10 or more in a group, please email us at NomadWalkingTours@gmail.com 3 days in advance so that we can plan a tour that works best for you.

Do we offer private tours?

– Yes, private tours are an option! Please click here for online booking & availability

How long are the tours?

– Our Free Las Vegas Strip tour is 2 hours long.

How far do you walk on the tour?

– The walking distance for our Free Las Vegas Strip tour is approximately 2 miles long.

What should I wear for the tour?

– We recommend comfortable walking shoes, and weather appropriate clothing. Las Vegas can be very hot in the summer, so shorts and a t-shirt might be best. In the winters it can be cold and rainy, so we recommend jeans and a jacket.

What should I bring on the tour?

– An umbrella or hat would be helpful in the summer sun or the rainy winter days. Sunscreen and a bottle of water are also highly recommended, and don’t forget your cameras!

Are cameras allowed on the tour?

– Most definitely! We encourage everyone to take lots of pictures along their tours, and feel free to tag us @NomadWalkingTours

Will we take a break during the tour?

– There is a quick drink and toilet break halfway through the tour.

Are tours ever cancelled?

– Our tours happen rain or shine, but we do not operate in dangerous or severe weather and tours may be cancelled in rare emergency situations. Please check the SCHEDULE before arriving.

Do tours always start on time?

– Yes, tours will always start on time. If you are running late, please try to catch up with the group if you can find us along the Strip. If you will be more than 15 minutes late, we suggest waiting until the next tour.

Do you offer the tour in different languages?

– Currently the tour is only offered in English.